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Construction works for ATC factory moves to active phase

Posted on: 01 Mar 2017

Construction works for ATC, a joint project by the Partnership Fund and Elbit Cyclone are now in an active phase. By now, the detailed design as well as preparation of machinery specifications and negotiations with their suppliers has been completed. By the end of this week, land excavation process will have been completed after which construction works for the factory will be launched.
The construction period will contain three stages. Under the plan, construction works for the factory and its equipment will last until the end of 2017, while the factory’s certification process from Boeing will be ended by June, 2018. High-standard modern fixtures and fittings for the factory have been already ordered. The equipment was selected by experienced specialists of Elbit Cyclone. Retraining process of employees has also started, which includes training in production of a variety of composite aircraft materials. The event is organized in Israel. The factory will produce aircraft doors, aerodynamic surfaces and other aircraft components made from the composite materials. The main potential consumers of these products will be: Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus, etc. 100 % of the production manufactured by the Plant will be exported. ATC’s first product will be produced in 2018. Around 100 locals will be employed during the construction works. Eventually, $ 85 m project will employ around 200 locals. As the factory gets operational, around 80 specialists will be trained and employed. The operator company is JSC Aerostructure Technologies Cylone (ATC) which is a sister company set up jointly by the Partnership Fund and Elbit Cyclone, while the constructor company is Anagi, a local construction company and its subcontractor company ECISI. The Partnership Fund together with Elbit Cyclone, an Israeli company launched construction for the factory producing aircraft materials in September of 2015. Prior to launching construction, some other important works such as the design, infrastructure preparations, selection of the construction companies and companies which will produce the equipment for the factory as well as signing the contracts with them were performed. This high-tech manufacturing factory is being built close to the Tbilisi International Airport.

About ELBIT Cyclone

ELBIT Cyclone is a daughter company of ELBIT Systems. In Israel, the company operates in three directions: military/defense aircrafts materials, large civil aircrafts materials and security systems. Elbit Systems Ltd. is an Israel-based international defense Electronics Company involved in a wide range of programs throughout the world. It was set up in 1967. The company’s shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and OTC in USA (NASDAQ:ESLT). The company’s income in 2015 totaled $ 3 107 581 bl.